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Skin pealing off penis

There are small cuts on the skin due to this, which are very painful. I suspect this to be some form of skin infection. What could this be? A: You could be suffering from balanoposthitis. While any man can develop balanitis, the condition is most likely to occur in men who have a tight foreskin that is difficult to pull back, or who have poor hygiene. Diabetes can make balanitis more likely, especially if the blood sugar is poorly controlled, because this makes it harder for the body to fight infections. It results from an overgrowth of organisms which are normally present on the skin of the glans.
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What Causes Penis Skin to Peel and How Can You Treat This Symptom?

Skin pealing off penis
Skin pealing off penis
Skin pealing off penis
Skin pealing off penis
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Penis skin peeling: Causes and treatment

When a man looks down, he expects to see a handsome, well-tended penis. But sometimes he might see irritation, redness, dryness and even skin peeling on his penis instead. The good news is that most cases of skin peeling on penis are very straightforward and caused by problems that are easily remedied. Understanding what the problem is can help a man figure out how to fix it. Here are some of the points he needs to ponder. Contact dermatitis. One of the most common reasons for peeling skin anywhere on the body is dermatitis, which is a fancy name for skin irritation.
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Peeling and Dry Penis Skin: What It Means?

A number of conditions can cause the skin of the penis to become dry and irritated. This can lead to flaking, cracking, and peeling of the skin. These symptoms may be visible on one or more areas of the penis, such as the glans head , shaft, foreskin, frenulum, or scrotum. This autoimmune, inflammatory condition occurs in the genital area. Genital psoriasis can cause small, shiny, red patches on the glans or shaft of the penis.
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He said he had first noticed redness on his penis about four days earlier, adding that it was growing worse. He was unsure whether he was truly experiencing frequent urination or just more aware of urinating because of the burning pain. His surgical history included a tonsillectomy and appendectomy during his early teens. He had no known allergies to any medications.
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